Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
The Frank Donohoe Collection

An Aerial View of the Opening Ceremony at the 3rd World Jamboree
at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, England, 1929

Collection of Frank Donahoe
Courtesy of Kevin Snair

Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
The Frank Donahoe Collection
link-snair.jpg (2507 bytes) Kevin Snair’s Scouting with Staves and Stetsons is an important archive of old photos and stories from Canadian Scouting History. Kevin is a commercial photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia He is also an avid Scouter with a keen interest in Scouting history. The material in the Frank Donohoe Collection is presented courtesy of Kevin Snair.
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) Canada’s Scouts at the World Jamboree 1929. The story of the Canadian Contingent’s experiences at Arrowe Park from the Report to the Governor-General and Chief Scout for Canada.
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden-Powell, 1907-1929
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden-Powell, 1929-1941
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
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