Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden Powell, 1907-1920
Portrait of Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Painted by Benjamin Eggleston

With Scouts enroute to the first Scout Camp at Brownsea Island, 29 July, 1907
The camp at Brownsea Island, Summer, 1907
B-P testing ropes at Brownsea, Summer, 1907
Baden-Powell with "Scouts" at Brownsea Island in the Summer of 1907.
B-P at Brownsea Island, 1907
Baden-Powell at Brownsea Island in the Summer of 1907.
Baden-Powell reviewing the manuscript of Scouting for Boys, 1907-1908
The front covers of the individual issues of Baden-Powell’s Scouting for Boys as published in 1908
Baden-Powell tells a story at a campfire in 1908.
Baden-Powell at a Boy Scout Rally in 1909.
Baden-Powell reviewing Scouts at Amesbury in 1909.
Baden-Powell reviewing Scouts at the Crystal Palace Rally in 1909. It was attended by 11,000 Scouts and was a turning point for B-P.
Baden-Powell and King George V at the Windsor Rally, 1911
Baden-Powell in the early days of Scouting
President Taft’s letter is entrusted to a Scout from Brooklyn, New York for delivery to Baden-Powell on his arrival in America.
Baden-Powell arrives in the United States in 1912 and is presented a letter from President William Howard Taft.
Baden-Powell reviews American Scouts from the steps of the White House with President Taft.
Baden-Powell in Washington, D. C. during his 1912 visit to the United States.
Baden-Powell and Olave with their new car, a gift from the Scouts of England on their wedding in 1912
Portrait of B-P in 1915
The First Wood Badge Course at Gilwell Park, 1919.
B-P’s Home at Pax Hill, circa 1920.


I have been collecting photographs of B-P, as well as copies of his own writings, drawings, and paintings for about 15 years. Many of the originals come directly from editions of Baden-Powell’s writings, or from the archives of the British Scout Association (U.K.) and the Boy Scouts of America. The photos and drawings presented in this gallery have been collected from a wide variety of sources. Many of them appear in several different works (such as several well-known photo of B-P at Brownsea Island). Key sources include: Works of Sir Robert Baden-Powell; William Hillcourt (Green Bar Bill) with Baden-Powell-The Two Lives of a Hero, Olave Baden-Powell 1964 & 1994; John S. Wilson, Scouting Around the World, 1959; Russell Freedman, Scouting with Baden-Powell, New York, 1967; Laszlo Nagy, 250 Million Scouts, Chicago, 1985; Robert W. Peterson, The Boy Scouts-An American Adventure, New York, 1984; Tim Jeal, The Boy-Man-The Life of Lord Baden-Powell, New York, 1989; Michael Rosenthal, The Character Factory, New York, 1988; Heather Baden-Powell, Baden-Powell: A Family Album, 1986; E.E.Reynolds, Baden-Powell, London, 1942; Eileen K.Wade, 27 Years with Baden-Powell, London, 1957; Eileen K.Wade, The Piper of Pax, 1924; Frederick Russell Burnham, Scouting on Two Continents, 1926; Frederick Russell Burnham, Taking Chances, 1924; C. R. B. Barrett, History of the XIII Hussars, London, 1910; Winston S. Churchill, Great Contemporaries, 1939. The Gallery also includes several video captures from the video documentary, Scouts! The Rise of the World Scout Movement, Michael Murphy, producer, Churchill Films, 1986. The film includes archival footage and stills from the collections of the British Scout Association, the Boy Scouts of America, the Scouts of Canada, the British Film Institute, the National Film Archive, Washington, D.C., the Library of Congress Film Archives, EMI Pathe, British Movietone, Visnews, the Bettmann Archive, the Mansell Collection, the National Army Museum and the Imperial War Museum. The photograph of B-P with James E. West is courtesy of Rev. Michael Bruce Johnson and is from the Archives of the Chief Seattle Council, BSA, Seattle, Washington. The Frank Donohoe Collection is courtesy of Kevin Snair of Toronto, Canada.

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