Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
The Frank Donohoe Collection

Baden-Powell and H. R. H. The Duke of Connaught at the
3rd World Jamboree, Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, England, 1929.

Collection of Frank Donahoe
Courtesy of Kevin Snair

Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
The Frank Donahoe Collection
link-snair.jpg (2507 bytes) Kevin Snair’s Scouting with Staves and Stetsons is an important archive of old photos and stories from Canadian Scouting History. Kevin is a commercial photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia He is also an avid Scouter with a keen interest in Scouting history. The material in the Frank Donohoe Collection is presented courtesy of Kevin Snair.
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) Canada’s Scouts at the World Jamboree 1929. The story of the Canadian Contingent’s experiences at Arrowe Park from the Report to the Governor-General and Chief Scout for Canada.
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden-Powell, 1907-1929
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden-Powell, 1929-1941
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
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