Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell


THE word "Pentwall" is not in the dictionary. Actually it has no meaning.

But I thought it might tickle your curiosity. If I headed this page as "Preface" probably you would not read it. Few people read Prefaces. But I want to save you from having to wade through this book in order to find out what it is about. So I tell you, here and now, that it records incidents and impressions of my recent trip round Africa, and that one of its objects is to encourage people—especially Scouts and other young creatures—to travel. You see, life is short; yet much of it is wasted by people becoming vegetables, and not very satisfied or satisfactory vegetables at that. Whereas a little roaming about this wonderful globe while they are on it can give them that wider outlook and those greater sympathies which develop the soul in the individual and goodwill and peace in the world.

Knowing this of the book, you can now take it or leave it.

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Off To Africa
Chapter II. Tugs
Chapter III. Marseilles
Chapter IV. Egypt
Chapter V. The Red Sea-Port Sudan–Aden
Chapter VI. British East Africa
Chapter VII. Africa From The Air
Chapter VIII. The Jamboree At East London
Chapter IX. Durban
Chapter X. Through South Africa
Chapter XI. Rhodesia
Chapter XII. Two- And Four-Legged Animals
Chapter XIII. St. Helena, Ascension, And Home

Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell
African Adventures, 1937
Under Development
The Scouting story continues down to the present day at the website of the Boy Scouts Association of Zimbabwe, Matabeleland Province and of the 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Group.
The Baden-Powell Library. A Selection of excerpts from the works of Lord Baden-Powell and works relating to his life and career.
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