Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell

This is B-P’s own account of his journeys around Africa in 1937 and is scattered with reminiscences of earlier tours and his military service. The book is illustrated with simple, yet charming, black and white line drawings. On this visit the B-Ps visited sixteen ‘Scout Centres’ and on the return cruise, the Scouting communities on Ascension Island and St. Helena.

There is no conclusion but a ‘Farewell’; B-P it must be remembered was 81 at the time. The ‘Farewell’ however is not so much a ‘last message’, more a giving of veiled notice of his intention to return to Africa to live. It’s not that far away says B-P "If you are in a hurry it only takes four and half days by air."

Reproduced by permission. © C. R. Walker, 2003. This excerpt is taken from the Web Page "A Baden-Powell Bibliography," which is part of the Scouting Milestones Website at

Map of BP’s African Adventures
Showing each of the Scout Centres Visited

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Off To Africa
Chapter II. Tugs
Chapter III. Marseilles
Chapter IV. Egypt
Chapter V. The Red Sea—Port Sudan—Aden
Chapter VI. British East Africa
Chapter VII. Africa From The Air
Chapter VIII. The Jamboree At East London
Chapter IX. Durban
Chapter X. Through South Africa
Chapter XI. Rhodesia
Chapter XII. Two- And Four-Legged Animals
Chapter XIII. St. Helena, Ascension, And Home

Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell
African Adventures, 1937
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The Scouting story continues down to the present day at the website of the Boy Scouts Association of Zimbabwe, Matabeleland Province and of the 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Group.
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