Ethics and Values

  • Boy Scouts of America, The Boy Scout Handbook, Tenth Edition, pp. 549-561.
    The Spirit of Scouting–the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.
  • Beth Emshoff, Viking Council, B.S.A., and the Center For Youth Development And Research, University Of Minnesota, D.E.L.T.A., Developing Ethical Leaders through Action: An Ethics in Action program for Boy Scouts, Viking Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the original handbook for Ethics in Action as used in the Viking Council and later in the National program evaluation in the 42 councils of the former North Central Region.
  • Tasha Nicole Baizerman, RIGHT, WRONG, or WHAT? Problem solving for Scouts, Viking Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the original resource for the "problem solving" method for use by Scouts. Several of the stories are now included in the Scoutmaster’s Junior Leader Training Kit.
  • John Larsen, Youth’s Frontier: Ethical Decision Making, Boy Scouts of America. Written by a member of the National Executive Staff, this was the first book to focus on ethical development in the Scouting program. It includes useful background as well as specific suggestions for activities.
  • The D.E.L.T.A. Handbook provides a useful bibliography of selected references on ethical and youth development

Initiative and Cooperative Games

  • Karl Rohnke, Silver Bullets: A Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games, Stunts and Trust Activities, Kendall/Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa, 1984.
  • Karl Rohnke, Cowstails and Cobras II: A Guide to Games, Initiatives, Ropes Courses, & Adventure Curriculum., Kendall/Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa, 1989.
  • Karl Rohnke, Bottomless Bag. (Reprints from "Bag of Tricks"), Kendall/Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa
  • Karl Rohnke, Bottomless Baggie. (More reprints from "Bag of Tricks"), Kendall/Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa, 1991.
  • Kendall/Hunt Publishers on the World Wide Web
  • Bag of Tricks: Adventure Notes from Karl Rohnke. A periodic newsletter with many creative and fun activities.
    Published by Karl Rohnke, P. O. Box 77, Hamilton, MA 01936.
  • Project Adventure on the World Wide Web
    A major source of information about adventure education. Home of Karl Rohnke, leading author of materials on initiatives and cooperative games, ropes courses and challenges.
  • Andrew Fluegelman, editor, The New Games Book, Doubleday, New York, 1976
  • Andrew Fluegelman, editor, More New Games!, Doubleday, New York, 1981
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  • Edward Scannell and John Newstrom, Still More Games Trainers Play: Experiential Learning Exercises, McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York, 1991.

Advanced Resources: Experiential Education

  • Association for Experiential Education on the World Wide Web
    The professional society for outdoor and experiential education. This site is primarily for educators and teaching professionals.
  • NOLS: National Outdoor Leadership School
    "NOLS is a wilderness-based, non-profit school focusing on leadership and skills."
  • Outward Bound
    "Outward Bound USA is a system of five wilderness schools and several urban centers in the United States. We are part of a global network that includes 40 Outward Bound Schools and centers in 20 countries. Since 1961, over 300,000 people have participated in our programs."
  • Voyageur Outward Bound
    "The Voyageur School operates year-round, offering 7 to 84-day courses in five distinct wilderness areas across the country."
  • Ethics Updates
    This is an advanced academic resource with material on moral philosophy and ethics. It is edited by Lawrence M. Hinman, Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego. Ethics Updates are designed primarily for use by ethics instructors and their students. It provides updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relate to ethics.

Scouting Literature

  • Scoutmaster Handbook, Chapter 7 and Chapter 10.
  • Scoutmaster’s Junior Leader Training Kit, Building the Team, Problem Solving.
  • Troop Program Planning Kit.
  • C.O.P.E. Manual.

Related Activities in Boy Scout Training

  • Scoutmastership Fundamentals, 1995
  • Junior Leader Training Conference, 1993
  • Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge, 1995
  • Train the Trainer Conference, 1994
  • Continuing Education for Scout Leaders, 1993
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp, 1992
  • Project C.O.P.E
  • Selected courses at Philmont Training Center

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