Hilary St George Saunders, The Left Handshake, 1948

Appendix I

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Table of Contents

  Hilary St George Saunders, The Left Handshake, 1948
      Forward by Lord Rowallan, Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth and Empire.
      Chapter I: Bravery. The Story of Jan van Hoof
      Chapter II: Enterprise. Lord Baden-Powell
      Chapter III: Purpose. Scouting in the British Isles
      Chapter IV: Resolution. Scouting in Occupied Countries
      Chapter V: Endurance. Scouting in Captivity
      Chapter VI: Partnership. Scouting in the Empire and in the U.S.A.
      Chapter VII: Assurance. Scouting in Refugee and Displaced Persons’ Camps
      Chapter VIII: Reformation. Scouting in the Defeated Countries
      Chapter IX: Enthusiasm. The Movement and its Meaning
      Chapter X. Devotion. The Jamboree of Peace
      Appendix I. Services Rendered
      Appendix II. Census of Boy Scout Associations in 1939 and 1947

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