Baden-Powell Photo Gallery

Baden-Powell with Scouts from twenty-three countries of the
British Empire at the Imperial Jamboree, Wembley, 1924

From: E. E. Reynolds, B-P: The Story of His Life,
London, Oxford University Press, 1944

The ribbon to the left displays the colors of the ribbon of the King George V Coronation Medal. As a senior military officer and popular hero, B-P had an opportunity to take part in this historic occasion when George became King in 1910.

  Imperial Jamboree, Wembley Park, 1924. Held in conjunction with the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley, the Jamboree brought together over 12,00 Scouts from the Commonwealth.
  Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden-Powell, 1907-1929
  Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
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