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Major-General, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 
From: H. W. Wilson, With the Flag to Pretoria, 1902



Was born in 1857, son of the late Rev. Professor Baden-Powell of Oxford, and educated at Charterhouse; joined 13th Hussars, 1876; Captain, 1883; Major 1892; Lieut.-Colone1, 1896; Brevet-Colonel, 1897; Major-General on Staff, 1900; served as Assistant Military Secretary and Intelligence Officer to the General Officer commanding the operations in Zululand, 1888; Assistant Military’ Secretary at Malta , 1890-3; on special service in Ashanti, under Sir Francis Scott, in command of native levies, and as war correspondent to The Daily Chronicle, 1895; Chief Staff Officer in the Matabeleland Campaign, 1896; promoted from the 13th Hussars to command the 5th Dragoon Guards, 1897; sent to Rhodesia to organise a local levy early in the summer of 1899; promoted from Colonel to Major-General 1900 in recognition of his gallant defence of Mafeking. He is extraordinarily versatile, being noted as soldier, scout, author, artist, musician, actor, athlete, and sportsman. His peculiar personality equally impresses whites and natives.

H. W. Wilson, With the Flag to Pretoria, 1902

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Early Years and Military Years
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Scouting with Baden-Powell, 1907-1929
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
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