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This page is a collection of links derived from my travels about the World Wide Web and specific searches using the Alta-Vista, Lycos, Web Crawler, and InfoSeek Search Engines. They are by no means complete. I have indicated a number of out-of-date links and several under revision with a red highlight. I hope to bring these up-to-date as soon as I can. If the site is in a language other than English this is noted with a green highlight. A date indicates the last time the site was accessed. Over the coming months, I plan to expand this list through research and correspondence. If you come across any interesting B-P links in your own travel, please let me know. You can reach me through the Pine Tree Web or directly by E-Mail at . I hope you finds these links of interest.

The NetWoods Virtual Campsite
Steve Tobin brings together a variety of material by and about B-P in this wonderful site. The materials on B-P are part of his collection for Scoutmaster Minutes at They include: B-P’s Last Message to Scouts, B-P, The Man. From "B-P; The Story of his life" by E. E. Reynolds, The Story About Baden-Powell and Brownsea Island, B-P at Mafking, Reading Signs by Baden-Powell, and B-P Tells a Story of … Chivalry. The overall site can be reached at The Camp gateway:

Baden Powell.
La familia de Robert Stephenson Smith, Baden Powell (B.P.), fue una clasica familia Victoriana de finales del siglo XIX. Su padre fue un…
23 Aug 96
In Spanish

Biography of Lord Baden-Powell – and the History of Scouting. (USSSP)
6 Dec 96

A Vida de Baden Powell (A Life of Baden-Powell)
70º Grupo Escoteiro Santo Antônio de Osasco
Região São Paulo, BrazilGrupo Escoteiro Santo Antônio de Osasco, Av. dos Autonômistas, s/n – Quitaúna, Osasco – SP – Brasil
In Portuguese

ScoutBase UK – Baden-Powell’s Grave
The grave is located in Nyeri, just outside the Mt. Kenya National Park. The grave is on the way to Treetops – the world famous…
15 Sep 96

BADEN-POWELL Précurseur et fondateur du scoutisme. Robert Stephenson Smith Baden-Powell of Gilwell naît le 22 février 1857 en… Commissaire international : Jean-Pierre Darimont …. FEDERATION DES SCOUTS CATHOLIQUES Scout Baden-Powell de Belgique
12 Nov 96
In French

Lord Baden-Powell
BADEN-POWELL. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell nasceu em Londres a 22 de Fevereiro de 1857. Foi o quinto dos sete filhos do Reverendo Professor… ….CORPO NACIONAL DE ESCUTAS — ESCUTEIROS CATÓLICOS PORTUGUESES. [An excellent biographical sketch with drawings by B-P presented by the National Corps of Scouts, the Portuguese Catholic Scouts].
15 March 97
In Portuguese

Carta de Baden Powell
Carta de Baden Powell. ULTIMO MENSAJE DE BADEN POWELL PARA SCOUTERS Y DIRIGENTES. Baden Powell, al igual que el capitan Garfio en el cuento de Peter Pan,..
23 Aug 96
In Spanish

Baden-Powell: What Scouts Can Do–More Yarns
Sir Robert Baden-Powell What Scouts Can Do: More Yarns 1921. Baden-Powell was a prolific writer. He wrote several autobiographical books, many accounts of.
12 Jun 96

Service to Others: Aids to Scoutmastership–Baden-Powell
IV. SERVICE TO OTHERS. Return to Table of Contents. Selfishness. To Eradicate Selfishness. The Good Turn Habit. Service for the Community. Ulterior Effect.
17 Apr 96

Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World (Link from a German VCP-Christian Guides and Pathfinders web site),
Baden-Powell. Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Gründer der Weltpfadfinderbewegung, oberster Pfadfinder der Welt. Das Portait von Baden-Powell am Anfang…
4 Dec 96

In German

Lord Baden-Powell
Lord Baden-Powell. Excerpt from: Baden-Powell, The Story of his life. E. Reynolds, Oxford University Press, First printed in 1943. Mafeking made B.-P. the.
14 May 96

Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell
Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell. Einleitung. Was weiss man denn heute, mehr als 50 Jahre nach seinem Tode, von diesem Manne noch, der die Pfadibewegung aus…
25 Oct 96
In German

Baden-Powell: What Scouts Can Do–More Yarns–Chapter VII
Chapter VII. About Stalking and the Scout’s Staff. From Baden-Powell, What Scouts Can Do: More Yarns, 1921. A Raft with a framework of staves. I was…
12 Jun 96

WTSIE’96 – Baden-Powell House International Scout Centre (GB)
United Kingdom / Royaume-Uni. Baden-Powell House International Scout Centre. Détails du centre. Baden-Powell House International Scout Centre…
12 Mar 96
In French
Baden-Powell House International Scout Centre. Details of the centre.
In English

Lord Baden-Powell
Lord Baden-Powell. Excerpt from: Baden-Powell, The Story of his life. E. Reynolds, Oxford University Press, First printed in 1943. Mafeking made B.-P. the. …….The Vendelso Scoutgroup belongs to the Sodertorn Scoutdistrict within the Svenska Scoutforbundet (SSF) which is one of the five scoutorganisations in Sweden. These five scoutorganisations have formed a cooperation group named Svenska Scoutunionen (SSR) in order to, among other things, take care of the international scoutrelations within WOSM and WAGGS.
29 Oct 95
In Swedish and English

Handicraft and Skill: Aids to Scoutmastership–Baden-Powell
III. HANDCRAFT AND SKILL. Return to Table of Contents. Handicrafts and Hobbies. Pioneering as a First Step. Proficiency Badges (Merit Badges) Intelligence.
17 Apr 96

AIDS TO SCOUTMASTERSHIP A Guidebook For Scoutmasters On theory of Scout Training By LORD BADEN-POWELL OF GILWELL Founder of the Boy Scout Movement…
25 Oct 96

History of 1st Pelican Point Sea Scouts
History of the 1st Pelican Point Sea Scout Group. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the most momentous event in the earliest years of the twentieth…
5 Jan 97

Scouting-related books
Scouting-related books. Books by Baden-Powell. Aids to Scoutmastership. Preface to Scouting for Boys. And there’s more about Baden-Powell available on the World Wide Web.
13 Nov 96

CLARKES-CATALOGUE 96-ANGLO-BOER WAR List of books on subject
Clarke’s Bookshop – Catalogues Online. Clarke’s Bookshop 211 Long Street 8001 South Africa Phone: (int) + 21 235739 Fax: (int) +… An antiquarian bookdealer’s list of works of the Boer War.
1 Nov 96

Escoteiros de Portugal
Associação fundada em 6 de Setembro de 1913 Reconhecida de Utilidade Pública. A – Definição. A Associação.
23 Sep 96
In Portuguese

Sea Exploring: History
Sea Exploring History. THE HISTORY OF SEA EXPLORING. Sea Scouting had its beginning at a camp fire in England when Lord Baden-Powell voiced the hope that..
16 Nov 96

Concours de la Corne de Koudou
Association des Éclaireurs Baden-Powell, Affiliée à l’Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d’Europe

Movimiento Scout
Fundador del Movimiento Scout
3 Dec 96
In Spanish

Mafeking (Some brief comments on highlights of the Seige)
BSA History. [Send us your Comments] Index. Mafeking – Baden-Powell’s incredible strategy saves a town and secures the future of Scouting! Mafeking….
3 Dec 96

Founders of the BSA and Scouting
FOUNDERS OF SCOUTING AND THE BSA. ROBERT S. S. As a youth, Robert Baden-Powell greatly enjoyed the BADEN-POWELL outdoors, learning about nature and how to.
14 May 96

Links (Israel)
Scouts related links. Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World A page dedicated to lord badenpowell. The Beginnings of Scouting The history of the scouts….
24 Nov 96

Scouting Resources on the World Wide Web from MacScouter Web Site (An Important Collection of Links)
Scouting Resources on the World Wide Web. Baden-Powell. Download Baden-Powell files from the United States Scouting Service Project. BP – Biking in Bosnia.
25 Jul 96

BSA World Wide Web Sites – Collection of links with a few to BP resources
Scouting World Wide Web Sites. Below Are Listed Links to Many WWW Sites. Prepared by Michael Holmes. Send All Corrections, Comments etc. to . .
7 Oct 96

Åbo Vildar
SCOUTING. Till Scouternas Föräldrar. Ditt barn är med i scoutrörelsen. Vi är mycket glada för det, för vi tror att vi….
75th Anniversary of AV Iceland
2 Dec 96
In Swedish

Historia de BP
Historia de Nuestro Fundador. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell of Gilwell nació en Londres, Inglaterra, el 22 de febrero de 1857, el día en que los…
3 Jul 96
Link may be out of date
In Spanish

ScoutLinks by Arne Jørgensen (Denmark-An Important Collection of Worldwide Scouting Links)
ScoutLinks. National sorted. Non-National. Argentina. COMUNIDAD GUIA – SCOUT "SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS" Australia. 1st Burra Scout Group. 2nd Castle Hill…
27 Nov 96

Les Guides de France: HISTORIQUE
Le Scoutisme. Un peu d’histoire… L’histoire pourrait commencer ainsi: il était une fois un général anglais qui, après….
20 Nov 96
In French

História do Escotismo (Brazil, Escoteiros do Brasil, Scouts of Brazil)
HISTÓRIA DO ESCOTISMO. Em 22 de fevereiro de 1857 nascia em Londres, capital da Inglaterra, um menino chamado Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, que…
18 Apr 96
In Portuguese

Journal of Natal and Zulu History (XV, 1995) Nicholls
Journal of Natal and Zulu History, Volume XV, 1994/1995. Zululand 1887-1889: The Court of the Special Commissioners for Zululand and the Rule of Law. B M..
10 Nov 95

Die Pfadi (Switzerland)
Die Pfadi. Vorwort. Liest man die Statuten, Reglemente, Stufenberichte und weiteren Schriftstuecke des Bundes durch, so koennte man meinen, bei der…
25 Oct 96
Link may be out of date
In German

Jamboree History
Jamborees of the Past. From: ("Simon Pearce") Organization: ScoutNet UK Date: Sun, 14 May 1995 16:00:58 GMT. As the 18th… – size 16K – 30 Sep 95

Swedish Scouting History Page (Brief mention of B-P in the history of wSedish Scouting)
Guiding & Scouting in Sweden. An overview of scouting in Sweden Text quoted from The Swedish Guide and Scout Council. Welcome to Sweden and Swedish…
30 Oct 95
In Swedish and English

History of Scouting (Official Site of the Boy Scouts of America)
Scouting History. Historical Highlights. Founders of Scouting and the BSA. A year-by-year summary of the major events in the history of the Boy Scouts of..
22 Apr 96

Geschiedenis van de 9de St.-Lievensscoutsgroep en 10de St.-Andriesgidsengroep (Belgium-V. V. K. S. M. Scout Organization)
Geschiedenis van scouting in de wereld. BADEN-POWELL EN SCOUTING. R.Baden-Powell (1857-1941), een Brits kolonel, is de geschiedenis ingegaan als de…
1 Dec 96

In Flemish

Partioliikkeen historiaa (Finland-Scout History)
Partioliikkeen historiaa. Partioliikkeen juuret löytyvät Englannista. Vuonna 1907 Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell eli B-P (myöhemmin aateloitiin ja… – size 2K – 1 Dec 96

In Finnish

Baden-Powell Games Book
Baden-Powell Games Book The Scout Library, No. 4 Scouting Games by Sir Robert Baden-Powell Author of "Scouting for Boys,"

Quebec Scouting
Quebec Scouting Baden-Powell Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, more affectionately known as "B.-P.", was born in London, England, on February 22, 1857. At the age …
In French

Baden-Powell House (Official Page)
Scout Association of the UK

Books by Baden-Powell
From Stevens Publishing in Montana. An excellent selection of Baden-Powell reprints.

Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Sir Robert Baden-Powell; Home Page of Sjöscoutkåren Drakarnas

Source of the graphic of the protrait of B-P portrait by David Jagger used on the Pine Tree Web

The Life of Baden Powell; Scouts Canada

ScoutNet UK Fact Sheets
MEET THE CHIEFS LORD ROBERT BADEN-POWELL OF GILWELL, OM, GCMG, GCVO, KCB Chief Scout of the World, 1908-1941 The name of Baden-Powell became …

A History of Scouting in South Africa History
A History of Scouting in South Africa The beginnings The history of Scouting in South Africa goes back before the birth of the Scout Movement, …

Scout Association of Hong Kong. Brief History
In Chinese and English

Geschichte der DPSG (History of the DPSG-German Saint George Scouts)
Geschichte der DPSG Gr nder der Weltpfadfinderbewegung ist Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell. Er ver ffentlichte 1908 das Buch "Scouting for Boys", …
In German

Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell  (Swiss Scouting Archives)
Einleitung Was weiss man denn heute, mehr als 50 Jahre nach seinem Tode, von diesem Manne noch, der die Pfadibewegung aus dem Boden gehoben, und die wohl groesste Jugendbewegung der …

Robert Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell   (Belgium)
Chief scout of the world. Robert Baden-Powell werd geboren op 22 februari 1857. Er was toen een andere wereld: België bestond amper 27 jaar; telefoon, televisie, radio en telegrafie …
In Flemish

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