Sir Robert Baden-Powell
What Scouts Can Do: More Yarns

Baden-Powell was a prolific writer. He wrote several autobiographical books, many accounts of his travels and adventures, and several books of "yarns" — stories about subjects he thought would be of interest to Scouts. His first collection, Yarns for Boy Scouts was published in 1909. What Scouts Can Do: More Yarns was first published in 1921. It was reprinted a number of times and was one of B-P’s more popular books.

Here are some yarns from Chapters VII and VIII as Baden-Powell told them in his own words. And, they are really good yarns, too. He talks about the techniques of stalking, the Scout’s staff, the "Thanks Badge," surprisingly in the form of a swastika, and of a biking trip in Bosnia, a country much in today’s news. All the illustrations are from the original text and were drawn by B-P.

Baden-Powell, Baden-Powell: What Scouts Can Do–More Yarns, 1921

Chapter IV. Getting Good Sport—Life in the Wild. Part One: Knowing the Language — Deduction — Why He Was Fat and Rich — Mountineering: The Right Way to Climb Hills — Maxim for Scouts — Observation — Close to the Enemy — What the Indian Saw — An Envelope for a Boy — African Tribes
Chapter IV. Getting Good Sport—Life in the Wild. Part Two: On the March — Camping — Hunting — Fire-Lighting — Initiation of Boys — Discipline — Chivalry — Salutation of Friendship — Totem — Signalling —The Rally — Elephant Hunter and Scout — Two Narrow Escapes — The Boy Hunter —The End of a Great Career.
From Chapter VII: "Stalking and the Scout’s Staff"
From Chapter VII: "The Swastika"
From Chapter VIII: "Biking in Bosnia"
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