From a drawing in the 1937 Scoutmaster’s Handbook

The Attributes of a Good Troop

These are attributes of a good troop.
Check to see how you measure up.

Yes No
Troop has earned Quality Unit Award.
Scoutmaster has completed basic training.
Troop follows traditional troop-meeting pattern (standard troop-meeting plan with two or more skills-training groups).
Troop has a high ratio of active adults to youth.
Leaders regularly attend Roundtables.
Troop meetings are planned at patrol leaders’ council meetings.
Woods Wisdom is used in planning troop program.
A patrol for new Scouts exists, with a troop guide and assistant Scoutmaster.
Troop adds at least ten Scouts each year.
Troop has an annual minimum of twenty-five days and nights of camping.
Troop attends a council long-term camp.
Leaders are proficient in outdoor skills.
Troop has at least twenty-one Scouts.
Troop has a program for older Scouts.


Adapted from Delivering the Promise, No. 18-251, Boy Scouts of America, 1993

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