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The World Jamboree of Boy Scouts 1929

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Shortly after the close of the 3rd World Jamboree at Arrowe Park in the summer of 1929, The Times of London published a collection of articles and photos from their coverage of this significant milestone of the Scouting movement. These pages are reproduced directly from this collection and provide a wonderful insight into the celebration of Scouting’s "Coming of Age."


The King Honors the Chief Scout: Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Jamboree. An Introduction

The Boy Scout Movement After Twenty-One Years

July 31, 1929: Scouts of the World. Jamboree Opened by the Duke of Connaught.

August 1, 1929: The Prince of Wales in Camp.

August 2, 1929: The King’s Welcome to the Scouts. Future of the Peace of the World.

August 3, 1929: Rally of the Wolf Cubs. A "Pageant of Good Turns."

August 4, 1929: The Boy Scouts’ Day of Thanksgiving, Open-Air Services.

August 5, 1929: A Day in the Jamboree Camp. Holiday Crowd in the Mud.

August 6, 1929: Scouts’ Help for the Afflicted. Gymnastics, Scout Work, and Spectacle.

Index of Photographs

Cover Page


link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) Canada’s Scouts at the World Jamboree 1929. The story of the Canadian Contingent’s experiences at Arrowe Park from the Report to the Governor-General and Chief Scout for Canada (Courtesy of Kevin Snair, Nova Scotia, Canada)
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) The Jamboree Book: American Scouts at the Third World Jamboree. Written by 15 American Scouts. Edited with a forward by James E. West, Chief Scout Executive.
link-1929wj2.jpg (2393 bytes) Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
3rd World Jamboree, Arrowe Park, England, 1929
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