Baden-Powell at the time of the
1st World Jamboree, 1920

Eileen K. Wade,
27 Years with Baden-Powell
, 1957

"In 1914 a young girl began her first job as a shorthand-typist at the Boy Scout Headquarters in Victoria Street, London. She was later to become Confidential Secretary to the Founder of the Boy Scout Movement, and to marry Major Wade, then Organising Secretary.

"With the coming of the war that year and the call-up, the author took on new responsibilities, and was soon working closely with the Baden-Powells in their country home. Soon after they bought Pax Hill the Chief found a cottage for the Wades nearby. Mrs. Wade would walk over to Pax Hill, often arriving on the scene at breakfast time, when the mail was opened and the letters passed over to her for reply. She watched his ideas for Scouts develop, as she worked with B.P. on his many books. Many of the best ideas came to him when fishing, or bathing—or shaving, and they would reach her on scraps of paper. She watched his family grow up and get married and she had a family of her own, too. When the Baden-Powells went abroad on their many visits, she was kept closely in touch with all their doings through long, chatty letters, extracts from which are included in this book. Mrs. Wade was behind the scenes on many of the great occasions, too, such as the Jamborees, the opening of Gilwell Park, and the St George’s Day Parades at Windsor."

From the flyleaf of Eileen K. Wade, 27 Years with Baden-Powell, 1957

  Chapter 5. Pax Hill
Life and times at the B-P’s home in Hampshire.
  Chapter 12. Why the Uniform?
About B-P and the Scout Uniform.
  Chapter 19. Kenya
B-P’s home in Africa in his last years.

  Eileen K. Wade, The Piper of Pax: The Life Story of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, 1924
Foreward and Contents
  The Baden-Powell Library. A Selection of excerpts from the works of Sir Robert Baden-Powell and works relating to his life and career
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