Scouting in Albania
Organizata Skautiste Shqiptare Besa Skaut Albania
Organization of Albanian (Honorable) Scouts

Flag of Albania Emblem of Albanian Scouting

Member of the World Organization, 1922-1937.

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A Capsule History of Albania

1900 Albania part of the Ottoman Empire.
1912 Albania declares independence, Turkish suzerainty ends.
1914-18 World War I–occupation by Serbs and Greeks, later Austro-Hungarian and Italian Troops.
1920-1921 US President Wilson vetoes plan of partition; Conference of Ambassadors redesignates 1913 frontiers as national boundaries.
1928-1939 Monarchy under King Zog I.
1928 Albania becomes a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.
1937 Scouting disbanded. Recognition withdrawn by the World Organization.
1939 World War II–Italian invasion and occupation, Albanian Constituent Assembly votes union with Italy, relations end with US.
1944 Communist-dominated National Liberation Front installs Hoxha as Premier.
1944-1948 Albania under the influence of Yugoslav Communists.
1948 Break with Yugoslavia, closer ties to Soviet Union.
1961 Break with Moscow, alignment with China.
1968 Formal withdrawal from Warsaw Pact.
1970 Move toward self-imposed isolation.
1985 End of Hoxha era, thawing of relations with other countries.
1986 Railway link completed with Yugoslavia (closed in 1988).
1990-1996 Movement toward reform. Scouting re-established.

A Chronicle of Scouting in Eastern Europe

With the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and Russia, Scouting has returned to many lands where it had previously taken root. These pages chronicle the return of former members and the addition of new members to the World Organization of the Scout Movement. They also report the growth of Scouting in the other nations of Eastern Europe.

Scouting organizations around the world are assisting in the growth of Scouting in both Eastern Europe and Russia. They have been identified by country where information is available.

Currently, the "Chronicle" reports on the progress of Scouting in 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Chronicle Home Page provides links to each.

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