Australia: Summer Camp, 2002


NORS Camp Participants – 2002
NORS Flag Parade – Australia  2002
NORS Campfire  2002
Preparing for Investiture of New Scouts
Dancing at a Campfire
Chief Scout Nikita Gileff welcomes new Rover
Scoutmasters Nikolai Chubukoff & Nikita Gileff
Two Patrols of NORS Girl Scouts – 2002 – Australia
Home Page of the National Organization of Russian Scouts. Includes Links to Russian Scouting.
NORS History and Traditions. The journey of NORS as related by the Chief Scout of NORS, Australia. Emblems of NORS. St. George and Russian Scouting.
NORS in Russia, 1909-1922. Some rare pictures of Scouting in Russia before the Revolution, including pictures of the First Chief Russian Scout, Colonel Oleg Pantuhoff.
NORS in the Philippines and France, 1949-1950. With the Communist takeover in China, most Westerners left the country. Many Russians were evacuated to the Philippines and brought Scouting with them. Also, Russian Scouting continued in France, America and other countries with large Russian emigré populations.
NORS in Australia, 1949-1996. A large number of Russians moved to Australia from the Philippines and China. NORS continues active in the Russian community in Australia to the present day.
NORS, Australia: Summer Camp, 2001, 2003.
Photographs from Summer Camps.

If you are interested in the work of the National Organization of Russian Scouts,
please write to: Nikita Gileff,Chief Scout of NORS, Australia at:

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