The World Wide Scouting Reference: InterNETional Scouting Page is the comprehensive home base to keep posted on Scouting on the Internet.
The World Organization of the Scout Movement, Geneva, Switzerland. Facts and figures from the headquarters of the World Organization.
World Scouting News, is published from time-to-time by the World Organization (WOSM).
European Scout Region. News and events of Scouting in Europe.
The Boy Scouts of America. "The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America supports more than 300 local councils that provide quality youth programs, including Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing. Select one of the links below to learn more about Scouting and the BSA." The Official Home Page of the B. S. A. Here is the one place on the web where you can see Norman Rockwell’s work for Brown & Bigelow and the Boy Scouts of America with the permission of the copyright holder. General information about Scouting. Sections on Activities, Official Gear, Magazines, What is Scouting?, Family Fun, What’s New, and a very interesting chronology of Scouting in America.
ScoutBase UK, The British Scout Association’s official presence on the World Wide Web. A wonderful site with Official publications of the Scout Association, directories for e-mail Scouting contacts, a library of Scouting related documents, program activities for all sections, support for leaders, International programs and activities, camping and accommodations, software and clipart, trading and small ads. The site is produced and maintained by the ScoutBase UK team.
Scouts Canada Official Website. An extensive collection of resources from the Scouts Canada National Council.
The South African Scout Association. A very attractive site including sections on: What is Scouting, History, Scouting About, Groups & Areas, What’s On, HQ Notices, What’s New, Links, Resources, Clipart, Songbook, and a Library of resources. The site includes a message by the Patron of the South African Scout Association, Nelson Mandela. The page is maintained by Ian Webb.
Découvrez "La planète Scouts de France." The website of the Scouts de France. Music, elegant graphics, beautiful design and technical innovations make this site a must see whether you read French or not.
Scouts Australia. Long a presence on the World Wide Web, It is a most comprehensive and attractive site. It has many unique features. The Official pages of Scouts Australia offer a carefully executed and detailed presentation of Scouting "down-under."
Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages-The Serious Side of Scouting. Here are some services that you may be looking for, but have never been able to find. Norman MacLoed explains: "Managing a Scouting programme is a tremendously awesome responsibility, requiring the combined efforts of a combined youth and adult quality leadership team.  The purpose of these pages is to help you provide that quality programme within a safe environment.
The NetWoods Virtual Campsite. A most innovative, creative, useful and informative web site. Steve Tobin, Campmaster of the site, says: "This web site is a resource for Scouters, providing a source of practical information to help scouting units provide a quality program. You will find material on a wide range of topics, including camping, equipment, scouting ideals, leadership, campfires, stories, ceremonies, games, tips and techniques."
The U. S. Scouting Service Project. "Our project is to gather as much reference material as possible about scouting and post it for public access. We do not maintain unit-specific information meaning Troop, Pack (etc…) calendars, information, etc… The information we provide is of a general interest flavor. Information on how the programs operate, guidelines, requirements and most importantly support type documents and image archives. When a scout or scouter needs help in a particular subject area, we want to be able to fill their need. From sample ceremony agendas to merit badge materials."
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link-netcommish.gif (1787 bytes) The Net Commish, hosted by Mike Bowman, provides an extensive collection of "Resources for All Scouters."  The site addresses Scouting from the viewpoint of the Commissioner. Mike makes the important point that "The Scouting Trail Is Challenging But Reaching the Top Is Almost Impossible Without Good Scout Leaders. These Scout Leaders Deserve the Best Support We Can Give Them. Help to Deliver the Promise of Scouting by Learning How to Serve These Scout Leaders as a Commissioner."
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link-macscouter.jpg (1983 bytes) The MacScouter was created by Webmaster Gary Hendra. He states, "It was my intention from the beginning to build a site that would maximize content, minimize glitz, be pleasing to the eye, and each page would download quickly. I have also sought out and acquired resources not available elsewhere. Thus the cookbooks, and Big Books of Skits, Games, etc."
  Global Scoutnet is a dual-technology Scout computer network, using both the Internet and a BBS network. This gives them the means to reach a very broad Scouting audience. Currently, they offer conferences which can be accessed either as mailing lists or as newsgroups (via Internet) or as Echomail (from the many BBS in the network). Links and dedicated webspace are provided in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany. Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.
  Grand Teton Council maintains one of the most comprehensive Council websites. It is full of useful information and every Scouter should take the time to visit.
Cape Cod and Islands Council, BSA serves the Cape and surrounding areas. Their Council website is a good example of a clean design and thoughtful presentation.
link-kisc.jpg (2988 bytes) 1998 is the 75th Anniversary of Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Founded by Lord Baden-Powell, it helped realize his dream of a permanent meeting place for the Scouts of the world. The Centre has a year-round programme of activities built around three main themes; International Friendship, High Adventure and the Environment. These themes provide opportunities to make many new international friends, learn about and contribute to environmental projects and experience the kind of adventure that only the Swiss Alps can provide

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