The World Organization of the Scout Movement is Scouting’s international umbrella organization.  Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Organization is composed of its recognized national Scout organizations. It is governed by the World Scout Conference, with the executive vested in the World Scout Committee. Administration is provided by the World Scout Bureau.
  A Chronicle of Scouting in Eastern Europe and Russia. These pages follow the growth of Scouting in 17 countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union providing links to home pages of the national associations and other locations of Scouting interest.
  Scouting Around the World. The background, worldwide principles and universal practices of the member associations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement including information on BSA Involvement in worldwide Scouting.
  The Organization of International Scouting.The organizational structure and services of the World Scout Movement and the International Division of the Boy Scouts of America.
  The World Scout Emblem. Some background on the Badge of Scouting from the World Organization of the Scout Movement.
  Member Scout Associations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.As of August 2002, 154 National Scout Organizations were members of the World Association. There are more than 28 million Scouts, Girls and Boys, in 216 countries and territories.
  Departures: Thirty years before "The Wall" came down in Berlin, and the Soviet Empire came to an end, John S. Wilson, Director of the Boy Scouts International Bureau (now the World Bureau of the World Organization) told this story of the departure of good friends,the Scout organizations of Romania, the Baltic States, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, as the result of the rise of totalitarian regimes in Europe in the 1930’s and early 1940’s.
  Founders, Absent Friends, Returning Brothers.A history of the membership of the World Organization listing Founding Members, countries in which Scouting was disbanded, and national associations returning to the World Organization after the collapse of the Soviet Unio
  Cousins: Scouting Abroad and In Exile. The Communists and the Nazis were quick to supress Scouting when they came to power. Scouting and its traditions were maintained by emigres and refugees of several Eastern Bloc countries. Though unaffiliated with the World Organization of the Scout Movement, many maintain ties and provide support to the re-emerging Scouting movements in the countries of their birth.

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