The Distinguished Service Order

Major Frederick Russell Burnham, D.S.O.

Distinguished Service Order. British military decoration awarded to officers who have performed meritorious or distinguished service in war. The decoration, instituted by Queen Victoria in 1886, entitles recipients to add D.S.O. after their names. Foreign officers associated with British forces can become holders of the award as "honorary members." The badge of the order is a white and gold cross with a red centre bearing a crown surrounded by a laurel wreath.

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"Distinguished Service Order." Britannica Online.
[May 19, 1997]

Major Frederick Russell Burnham, D.S.O. Military scout. Friend and admirer of Baden-Powell
Burnham’s account of Scouting with B-P in the Matopo Hills during the Matable Campaign.
From Frederick Russell Burnham, Taking Chances, 1944
Burnham’s speech and account of the Dedication of Mount Baden-Powell in the Sierras in 1931. A copy of B-P’s letter of thanks is included. From Frederick Russell Burnham, Taking Chances, 1944
Honors and Decorations: Sir Robert Baden-Powell, O.M., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., K.C.B., Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell. B-P’s military and civilian honors included several Knighthoods, a Peerage, recognition for service to the Sovereign, his country and his fellow man.
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