E.E. Reynolds, B-P, The Story of His Life,
London, Oxford University Press, 1943.

E. E. Reynolds, B-P: The Story of His Life, is a major source of biographical information about B-P. It is one of several works by E. E. Reynolds documenting the life of the Chief Scout and the early days of the Scout Movement. Reynolds served the Chief on the Headquarters Staff of the Scout Association for many years and was editor of The Scouter. In 1942, he was selected by the Headquarters Committee to write the official biography of B-P. The result was Baden-Powell: A Biography of Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, published in 1942 by the Oxford University Press. B-P: The Story of His Life (Oxford, 1943) was an adaptation of the official biography for younger readers. Reynolds authored a number of other books on Scouting, including The Scout Movement (Oxford, 1950) and Boy Scout Jubilee (Oxford, 1957).

Table of Contents

  Chapter I. The Training of a Tenderfoot
Early Days. India to 1883
  Chapter II. First Experiences in South Africa
South Africa 1884-1889. Malta.
  Chapter III. The Testing of a Scout
Ashanti, 1895-1896
  Chapter IV. "The Best Adventure"
Matabeleland, 1896-1897
  Chapter V. India Once More
5th Dragoons, India, 1897-1899
  Chapter VI. Mafeking
Defense and Relief, 1899-1900
  Chapter VII. From the Army to the Boy Scouts
South Africa and Home, 1901-1907
  Chapter VIII. Brownsea Island
The Beginnings of Scouting, 1907-1909
  Chapter IX. Forging Ahead
The Growth of Scouting, 1909-1914
  Chapter X. The War Years
  Chapter XI. Early Jamborees
Olympia, Wembley, Gilwell, 1920-1924
  Chapter XII. The Man
A Character Sketch of a Great Man
  Chapter XIII. Coming-of-Age
Arrowe Park, Rovers, Kanderstag, 1929-1931
  Chapter XIV. Overseas
  Chapter XV. Last Years
  Appendix–Last Messages

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