Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
"Boer and British Shots: A Friendly Trial of Skill in Swaziland"

London Electrotype Agency Ltd.

in Eileen K. Wade, Baden-Powell, London, 1944

Eileen K. Wade writes: "This illustration is reproduced from one which appeared with the above title in The Illustrated London News of February 22, 1890. Captain Baden-Powell appears on the extreme left of the group. Sir F. de Winton is shooting, and the bearded figures are those of two Boer leaders — General Joubert (standing) and General Smit (seated)." All would play important roles in the South African War, 1899-1902.

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Early Years and Military Career, 1878-1898
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Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Military Career & Final Years, 1899-1937
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Lessons from the Varsity of Life
Chapter V: Soldiering,
"Zululand, 1896"
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