Baden-Powell Photo Gallery

B-P Capturing one of Prempeh’s scouts

An illustration based on a sketch by the author.
From: Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, The Downfall of Prempeh:
A Diary of Life with the Native Levy
, 1896

The border to the left portrays the colors of the Ashanti Star (7th December, 1895 – 17th January, 1896). This gun-metal star was awarded in 1896 to 2,000 troops who had taken part between the dates mentioned in the Ashanti Expedition under Major-General Sir F. C. Scott against King Prempeh, who had been indulging in human sacrifices. The expedition captured Coomassie, the Ashanti capital.

Lessons from the Varsity of Life
Chapter V:Soldiering, "With a Native Levy in Ashanti"
Baden-Powell Photo Gallery:
Early Years and Military Career, 1878-1898
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