Baden-Powell Photo Gallery

Palaver and Submission of King Prempeh

From: Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, The Downfall of Prempeh:
A Diary of Life with the Native Levy
, 1896

The border to the left portrays the colors of the Ashanti Star (7th December, 1895 – 17th January, 1896). This gun-metal star was awarded in 1896 to 2,000 troops who had taken part between the dates mentioned in the Ashanti Expedition under Major-General Sir F. C. Scott against King Prempeh, who had been indulging in cannibalism and human sacrifices. The expedition captured Coomassie, the Ashanti capital.

Lessons from the Varsity of Life
Chapter V:Soldiering,
"With a Native Levy in Ashanti"
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Early Years and Military Career, 1878-1898
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