Paintings by Baden-Powell

B-P, the Artist.
At Pax Hill, painting a water-colour

From: William Hillcourt, with Olave Baden-Powell,
Baden-Powell: The Two Lives of a Hero, 1964

Baden-Powell is well known to Scouters for his many drawings illustrating Scouting for Boys and Aids to Scoutmastership. He was an accomplished artist and most of his published works are illustrated with his own drawings and in some case, color plates from his paintings. His notebooks, diaries, journals and letters are reported to be filled with pen and ink drawings, and both pencil and water-color sketches.

Here is a small collection of illustrations of his paintings from a variety of sources.

"South Africa, August 21st, 1900." When C. R. B. Barrett was writing the History of the XIII Hussars, he looked to one of the most distinguished veterans and serving officers of the 13th Hussars, Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Volume II is introduced with Baden-Powell’s painting "South Africa, August 21st, 1900." It depicts a member of the 13th Hussars offering a "hand up" to a dismounted Hussar during an engagement near the Buffalo River. [64K]
link-house.jpg (5099 bytes) "My House in the Woods" (1911) From a water-color by Baden-Powell. [170K]
link-veldt.jpg (4862 bytes) "Studying Tonights Menu" Animals of the African Veldt from a water-color by Baden-Powell in E. E. Reynolds, Boy Scouts. [85K]
link-kashmir.jpg (3927 bytes) "A Sunset Impression, Kashmir" from a water-color by Baden-Powell in Indian Memories, 1915. [36K]
link-patiala.jpg (3969 bytes) "Gateway of the Fort, Patiala" from a water-color by Baden-Powell in Indian Memories, 1915. [32K]
link-elephants.jpg (3835 bytes) "The Genius of the Elephant in Overcoming Difficulties" is illustrated in these two water-colors by Baden-Powell in Indian Memories, 1915. [88K]
thumb-bp-hogs-1.jpg (10799 bytes) "The Prince of Wales Winning the Hog-Hunter’s Cup" [54K] is one of four water-color illustrations by Baden-Powell from Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting, 2nd Edition, 1924.  Others include: "A Boar in the Bazaar" [48K], "The Line of Beaters" [56K], and "The Sideways Pop" [43K].
thumb-bp-unicef-1.jpg (9699 bytes) Two of a series of five designs painted by Lord Baden-Powell produced as UNICEF greeting cards for the World Scout Movement by UNICEF, the United Nations Childrens Emergency Fund to commemorate the International Year of the Child in 1979. "Zebras at a Water Hole" [54K] and "African Antelope Grazing" [60K].
link-bp-nyeri.jpg (3098 bytes) Paintings from Baden-Powell, Birds and Beasts in Africa, 1938. A collection of stories about B-P’s home in Nyeri, the book is illlustrated with a series of wonderful paintings of scenes in and around the B-P’s home at Paxtu.
link-bp-heather-library.jpg (12427 bytes) "Heather and Friends in the Library at Pax Hill" from a water-color by Baden-Powell in Heather Baden-Powell, Baden-Powell: A Family Album, 1986. [42K]
  "Are You In This?" A World War I poster by Baden Powell from the collection of the Library of Congress, Washington.
link-bp-1937-kadir-camp.jpg (17394 bytes) "Encampment, Kadir Cup" (1937) from a water-colour by Baden-Powell on his last visit to India in 1937. From Heather Baden-Powell, Baden Powell: A Family Album, 1986. [82k]
thumb-bp-brothers-together.jpg (11898 bytes) "Scouts of the World–Brothers Together"
link-scout-card.jpg (4665 bytes) Design for a Scouts Enrollment Card from a water color by Lord Baden-Powell in E. E. Reynolds, Boy Scouts[62K]

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