Medal of the Order of
Polonia Restituta

Order of Polonia Restituta
Order of Poland Restored

Conferred upon Sir Robert Baden-Powell in 1927

Instituted by act of Parliament of February 4, 1921. Conferred on Polish and foreign citizens for merit to the Polish Country and Nation in the field of art and science, industry, agriculture, politics, philanthropy, as well as for the acts of civilian bravery and self-sacrifice. Until 1974, when the Order of Merit was established, it was also a "diplomatic" order awarded to foreign authorities on ceremonial occasions. The order was conferred in five classes: Grand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander, Officer (est. 1922) and Member.

white enameled gilt Maltese cross with ball finials. Medallion: white crowned eagle with regalia on red background; the blue circle bears the Latin motto: POLONIA RESTITVTA (Poland Restored). Reverse: gilt arms, without enamel; medallion bears the year 1918 on red background. The badges of Officer and Member are of a different size.

Star: eight sets of plain silver rays. Medallion: entwined cipher RP (Rzeczpospolita Polska – Republic of Poland) and the order’s motto in a blue circle around. The star of Grand Commander was worn on the right breast.

Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell
Honors and Decorations
link-calgaric-small.jpg (2764 bytes) In 1933, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell and a contingent of 650 Guides and Scouts sailed to the countries of the Baltic on an "Argosy of Peace." The Cruise of the Calgaric, relates the story of the cruise and provides a rare picture of Scouting in Poland, the Baltic states and Scandinavia prior to the Second World War.
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