Badge of Grand Commander 
of the Order of the Redeemer

Grand Commander of the Order of the Redeemer  (Greece)
Conferred upon Sir Robert Baden-Powell in 1920

The Order of the Redeemer or Saviour (Basilikon tagma toi soteros) was established by King Otto I June 1,1833. Since 1863, the reverse carried the inscription "Instituted in 1829 at Argos by the 4th Greek National Assembly." The Order is awarded in five classes, the highest being Grand Commander.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic, describing "Hellenic Orders and Decorations," states:

The Order of the Redeemer (Saviour) is the first distinguished Hellenic Order.

It was established in 1829 and bears the name of the Redeemer in reminiscence of the fact that the Greek nation was re-born thanks to the Lord’s divine assistance. The Order was first conferred by King Otto in 1833.

The degrees of the Order of the Redeemer are awarded to distinguished Greek citizens who have defended the interests of our country in time of war or, who have rendered highly exceptional social services in Greece or abroad. The Order is also conferred upon eminent personalities who are not Greek citizens.

The obverse of the Star and the Cross bears a portrait of the Redeemer in enamel with the legend «IN YOUR RIGHT HAND, LORD, THE POWER AND THE GLORY».

The reverse of the Cross bears the Greek cross with the legend «THE IVth NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF THE HELLENES AT ARGOS – 1829».

The Order consists of five grades or classes.




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