Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
5th World Jamboree, Netherlands, 1937
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In the American Camp

link-1937-wj5-american-camp-aerial.jpg (2964 bytes) Aerial view of the American Camp. link-1937-wj5-BSA-multicolored-tents.jpg (3461 bytes) Multi-colored tents highlight a section of the American Camp.
link-1937-wj5-dutch-painter-&-oa.jpg (2705 bytes) Dutch painter sketches an American Scout in native American outfit. (Probably a member of the Order of the Arrow). link-1937-wj5-west-&-bernadotte.jpg (4401 bytes) James E. West, Chief Scout Executive of the BSA meets with Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden.
link-1937-wj5-bp-auto-tour.jpg (5482 bytes) The Chief Scout tours the Jamboree camp by automobile link-1937-wj5-bp-visits-america.jpg (3958 bytes) B-P visits the American Camp
link-1937-wj5-bp-looks-on.jpg (4174 bytes) The Chief Scout talks with a Scout holding a Jakobstaff, the symbol of the Jamboree. link-1937-wj5-west&bp-2.jpg (4861 bytes) B-P and James E. West, the BSA Chief Scout Executive.
link-1937-wj5-bp-bsa-pancakes.jpg (14111 bytes) Baden-Powell samples American pancakes. link-1937-wj5-bsa-gateway.jpg (4229 bytes) The BSA Jamboree staff gathers in the Gateway.
link-1937-wj5-bsa-gateway-2.jpg (3808 bytes) The Gateway to the American Camp. link-1937-wj5-bsa-gateway--detail.jpg (6417 bytes) Logs with the name of each American Scout form the gatway to the American Camp.
link-1937-wj5-bsa-left.jpg (17963 bytes) The American Contingent (left) link-1937-wj5-bsa-right.jpg (16909 bytes) The American Contingent (right)
link-1937-wj5-west&bp.jpg (3947 bytes) James E. West, BSA Chief addresses the assembled Scouts as the Chief Scout, Baden-Powell looks on. link-1937-wj5-bsa-american-indian-campfire.jpg (8717 bytes) American Scouts perform a Native American Ceremonial Campfire
link-1937-wj5-doctor-west.jpg (4245 bytes) James E. West, Chief Scout Executive and leader of the American Contingent link1937-wj5-tomb-of-the-unknown.jpg (3413 bytes) The Boy Scouts of America salute the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Eternal Flame at the Arch de Triomphe in Paris.

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5th World Jamboree
The Jamboree Begins
link-1937-home.jpg (2349 bytes) Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
5th World Jamboree
Jamboree Scenes
link-1937-home.jpg (2349 bytes) Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
5th World Jamboree
Closing Campfire and Ceremony
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at Vogelenzang, the Netherlands, 1937
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