Postage Stamps of the 5th World Jamboree
Vogelenzang, The Netherlands, 1937

The Netherlands issued a special series of Commemorative Stamps honoring the 1937 World Jamboree.

1937-holland-stamps.jpg (14264 bytes)

The Netherlands-East Indies also issued stamps in preparation for the Jamboree.  The Netherlands-East Indies was one of the overseas territories of The Netherlands until December 1949, now Indonesia. This territory was made up of Sumatra and adjacent islands, Java with Madura, Borneo (except for North Borneo, which is now part of Malaysia and of Brunei), 

1937-postage-east-indies.jpg (13222 bytes)

For more on postage stamps and Scouting, see the SOSSI (Scouts on Stamps Society International) website.

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