4th World Jamboree
Gödöllõ, Hungary, 1933

The 4th World Jamboree was hel at Gödöllö, Hungary in 1933. It was attended by over 26,000 Scouts representing 46 countries. Its setting was the great park at Gödöllö. It was notable for the excellent weather which was enjoyed and the assembled Scouts were thankful for the shade which the trees of the Royal Forest afforded. Scouts who attended this gathering remember particularly the  sight of B.-P. making his rounds on the camp site on a magnificent brown charger. It was also most noticeable that the whole Hungarian nation had cooperated to make the event a success.


Welcome to Gödöllõ
Trumpet fanfare opens the 4th World Jamboree
Polish Scouts sound the opening fanfare
Scouts run down the field, banners raised, to greet B-P’s arrival
Thousands of Scouts crowd together to greet B-P
Scouts play national folk tunes as part of the Festival of the Nations
Scouts of different lands link arms in a folk dance
The campfire is always at the heart of Scouting. Campfire at Gödöllõ, 1933
Farewell Scouts!

Baden-Powell and Count Paul Teleki tour the Fourth World Jamboree at Godollo, Hungary in 1933
bp-thumb-1933-grand-rush.jpg (6395 bytes) The Grand Rush at the 4th World Jamboree. Scouts mob B-P’s car in greeting.

link-1933-small.jpg (2999 bytes) In 1933, the Boy Scouts of America published 1933 Scout Jamboree Book.  This report tells the story of American participation in the 4th World Jamboree. It was written by James E. West, Chief Scout Executive and William Hillcourt and published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York and London.  It continued a series begun with the publication of The Scout Jamboree Book after the 3rd World Jamboree in 1929.

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The Royal Residence at Gödöllõ was the site of the Jamboree. A favorite retreat for the Empress Elizabeth, the forest made a wonderful venue for the World Jamboree.

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In the 1933 Scout Jamboree Book James E. West and William Hillcourt gave some impressions of their Hungarian hosts and of B-P’s closing remarks.
link-1933-magyar-cserkesk.jpg (3665 bytes) Jamboree 1933 was the newspaper of the 4th World Jamboree held at Gödöllö, Hungary in the summer of 1933.  Recently, I located a bound copy of the complete issues of the newspaper.   The stories are in many languages, including English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish and others.   I hope to add a few of these in the future.  The photos in this collection are take from the pages of Jamboree 1933.  The quality of the news photos is sometimes less than adequate, but they offer a unique perspective on this important moment in Scouting.  Some of the photos were retouched by hand, and some of the illustrations appear to be line drawings.
Jamboree pennant from the Gödöllö. The pennant from the 4th World Jamboree is in the archives of the 1st Claremont Scout Group of Cape Town, South Africa. Established 3 March 1908, the 1st Claremont claims the honor of being the oldest established Scout Group in Africa.
Hungary issued a special series of Commemorative Stamps honoring the 1933 World Jamboree. They feature the image of the White Stag.
Bela’s Story:Scouting in Hungary, 1929-1937
brians-stag.jpg (7338 bytes) "The Jamboree" From The Scouter, September 1933, F. Haydn Dimmock, Editor
Reprinted courtesy of the Scout Association (UK) and the White Stag Leadership Development web site.

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