Charles Piazzi Smyth
Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid (1877)
Plate Index

Early Photograph of the Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smyth
From a Private Collection
Courtesy of Peter Stubbs

PLATE NUMBERS refer to the 1877 Edition of Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid.
Examples of Casing Stones (Plate I)
Map of Great Pyramid of Jeezah (Plate II)
Ground Plan of the Great Pyramid (Plate III)
Pyramids of Jeezah in Vertical and Meridian Section (Plate IV)
All Pyramids of Egypt (Plate V)
Vertical Section of the Great Pyramid (Plate VI)
Chamber & Passage System of the Great Pyramid (Plate VII)
Elevations & Vertical Sections (Plate VIII)
Seven Sides of the Queen's Chamber (Plate IX)
Sections & Perspective Views (Plate X)
Transverse Sections of Grand Gallery (Plate XI)
Sides of Antechamber (Plate XII)
Vertical Section of King's Chamber (Plate XIII)
Sides of King's Chamber (Plate XIV)
Vertical Section of Ancient Tomb (Plate XV)
Kings' Names-Dynasties I-V (Plate XVI)
Measures and Angles of the Great Pyramid (Plate XVII)
Equation of Boundaries and Areas (Plate XVIII)
Passage Measures and Angles (Plate XIX)
Centres of World Land Surface (Plate XX)
Ground Plan with Heavens (Plate XXII)
Circles of Heavens with Great Pyramid (Plate XXIII)

The cartouche to the left bears the name of Khufu (Cheops) the builder of the Great Pyramid.

  Charles Piazzi Smyth was Henrietta Grace Baden-Powell's brother and hence Uncle to B-P. He was well known as an astronomer (he was Astronomer Royal of Scotland), was considered an authority on the pyramids of Giza, and was a pioneer in the field of photography.
  Baden-Powell Family History. A series of links based on the research of Robin Baden Clay, a grandson of Baden-Powell. They are focused on the genealogy of the Powell family. The author is extremely grateful to Mr. Clay for sharing the results of his labors with the Scouting community. Links are provided to pages for three of B-P's brothers: Baden, Warington and Sir George Baden-Powell as well as to the genealogy of the Smyth and Warington families.

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