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Boy Scouts Beyond the Seas: “My World Tour”
by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, K.C.B., London, 1913



THE present volume is the outcome of my recent tour of inspection among the Boy Scouts, not only in our overseas dominions, but also in the United States, Japan and China, and the following European coun­tries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Belgium.

I cannot describe the kindness and cordiality with which I was received by those responsible for the Movement as well as by the general public wherever I went.

In all centres visited, that which particularly struck me was the good spirit which has attracted so many men to devote their time and energies to carry­ing out the work of organising and training Scouts in all parts of the world. Everywhere, too, the leading representative men have shown a genuine interest and belief in the Movement, and have thus given it a standing in the eyes of the public which has enabled it to accomplish so much in so short a time.

The enthusiasm and loyalty of all working in the Movement was very remarkable and most encouraging, and I am glad to have had the opportunity of making the personal acquaintance of those who are working so well in the cause, even though my trip had necessarily to be a hurried one and my visits very short.




West Indies and Central America










In the Cannibal Islands


Australia and New Zealand


South Africa




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