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1st National Jamboree
Boys Scouts of America
Washington, D. C.

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Poster for the 1st National
Emblem of the 1935 Jamboree

The 1st National Jamboree was scheduled for Washington, D. C. for August of 1935.  The invitations went out and Scouts from across the country prepared for this great event marking the 25th anniversary of Scouting in America.  An outbreak of polio early in the summer caused the cancellation of the Jamboree.  It was rescheduled and held in the summer of 1937.  If you look at the Jamboree emblem on the poster, you will see the center device is the capitol dome.   This theme is matched by the background illustration on the poster.  The poster for the 1937 Jamboree features the Washington Monument (actually, the geographic center of the Jamboree camp.  You will see the design repeated, with the Washington Monument replacing the Capitol in the 1937 Jamboree emblem at the top of this page.

link-1937-nj1.jpg (2557 bytes) Home Page of the 1st National Jamboree
link-1937-nj1.jpg (2557 bytes) 1st National Jamboree
Jamboree Photo Gallery
Maps, Aerial Views and Photos
link-1937-nj1.jpg (2557 bytes) "Scouts National Jamboree" Cover story from Time Magazine, July 12, 1937.
link-1937-nj1.jpg (2557 bytes) Dr. George Fisher, Deputy Chief Scout Executive, described the Jamboree in "The Nations Capital Captured by 27,232 youth At Our First National Jamboree" from Boy Scouts of America, The National and World Jamboree in Pictures, 1937.
link-1937-home.jpg (2737 bytes) Shortly after the close of the 1st National Jamboree in Washington, 1000 Scouts and leaders travelled to Holland to represent the Boy Scouts of America at the 5th World Jamboree at Vogelenzang in the Netherlands.
thumb-jambo-1937-gallery.gif (2232 bytes) Baden-Powell Photo Gallery
Baden-Powell at the World Jamborees
Links to the World Jamborees, 1920-1937
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