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American Scouts at the 4th World Jamboree


Wednesday, August 2, 1933
Opening services for Scouts-Roman Catholic Mass,
Protestant Service, Jewish Service, Mohammedan Worship.
Formal opening of Fourth World jamboree by Admiral Horthy, Regent of Hungary, and Lord Baden Powell, Chief Scout of the World.

Thursday, August 3
Reunion of Roman Catholic Scouters.
Reunion of First Gilwell Troop.

Friday, August 4
Excursions start to Debrecen and Szeged.
Reunion of Scouts of 20 years' service.
Camp fire in American Camp.

Saturday, August 5
Excursions continue to Balatonfured Gyor etc.
Sea Scout, Rover Scout and Y.M.C.A. Reunions.
Lord Baden Powell visits American Camp.
Pageant of the people of Godollo district.

Sunday, August 6
Roman Catholic High Mass celebrated by the Cardinal Primate of Hungary.
Protestant Services according to Nationality.
Camp fire in all camps.

Monday, August 7
Excursions to Pecs Eger, etc.
Opening of Seventh International Scout Conference in the Premonstrant College.

Tuesday, August 8
International Scout Conference, Second Day.
Farewell parade for Lord Baden Powell.
Admiral Horthy's camp fire in Sub-camp III.

Wednesday, August 9
Excursions to Miskolc, Sopron, etc.
Admiral Horthy visits American Camp.

Thursday, August 10
Sea Scout display on Csepel Island.
Camp fire.

Friday, August 11
Reception of leaders in Sub-camp III headquarters.

Saturday, August 12
American display on the Sports Ground.
Camp fires in American Camp.

Sunday, August 13
Roman Catholic High Mass celebrated by the Lord Bishop.
Protestant Services according to Nationality.

Monday, August 14
Reception in American camp.

Tuesday, August 15
Thanksgiving services.
Closing of the jamboree.

Every Afternoon: Grand display and parade of nations on Rally Ground.
Every Afternoon and Night: Performances in the World Theatre.
Every Night: Camp fires in Sub-camps.

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